ISO Image of Original Driver CD Disc for Asus P3B-F 440BX Flagship Motherboard


ISO Image of Support CD for Asus P3B-F Motherboard.


Up for sale is a downloadable ISO image file of the driver CD which originally came with an Asus P3B-F from about 1999. You do not get the CD, only a download of an image file of the CD. Just download the zip file, extract the ISO file, and burn (or mount) the image. The download link is set to expire after 7 days.

  • P3B-F Motherboard Support CD Rev. 4.26 – 1999
  • Intel LANDesk Client Manager Rev. 3.3x
  • Trend PC-cillin Anti-Virus Setup Rev. 4.06
  • ASUS PC Probe Rev. 2.02
  • M114

Here is a list of the files on the disc:

File list for the included support software for Intel Chipset motherboards
File Name Description
-READER4.0 -Adobe Acrobat Reader V4.0
-AFP\CHT -Adobe Acrobat Traditional Chinese Font Packs.
-AFP\CHS -Adobe Acrobat Simplified Chinese Font Packs.
-AFP\JPN -Adobe Acrobat Japanese Font Packs.
-AFP\KOR -Adobe Acrobat Korean Font Packs.

-AFLASH.TXT -Information on how to use the AFlash BIOS utility.
-AFLASH.EXE -Utility to update the motherboard’s flash BIOS.

-NT351 -Bus Master IDE Driver V1.70 for WinNT3.51.
-NT40 -Bus Master IDE Driver V2.03 for WinNT4.0.
-Win95 -Bus Master IDE Driver V3.02 for Win95.

-Win95\SETUP.EXE -Win95 INF Update Utility for Intel(r) Chipsets

-DMICFG2.EXE -DMI Configuration utility for modifying/viewing the MIDF.
-DMIUTIL2.DOC -Read with Microsoft Word or Wordpad(Windows95). Provides
information on how to use the DMI Configuration utility.

ADMIN.HLP LANDesk(R) Administrator Manager Manual in HLP format.
CLIENT.HLP LANDesk(R) Client Manager Manual in HLP format.

-Admin -LanDesk Adminstrator Manager 3.32 Install Program for WIN95/98/NT4.
-Local -LanDesk Client Manager 3.3X Install Program for WIN95/98/NT4.

Note: When the Client Manager administrator is loaded on a Windows 95 computer,
it can’t access client computers unless you do one of the following:
1) Remove the DMI 2.0 SDK key from the registry (under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\
SOFTWARE\INTEL) and then disable suspend mode.
2) Install IPX/SPX protocol on the administrator computer and all client

-SETUP.EXE -PC-cillin 98 V4.06 (Anti-Virus) Install Program for WIN95/98.
-README.TXT -PC-cillin installation notes

-SETUP.EXE -ASUS PC Probe V2.02 Install Program for WIN95/98.

-SETUP.EXE -ASUS Update V2.00 Install Program for WIN95/98.

FILELIST.TXT -This file you are now reading.

TECHSUPP.TXT -Use this form in order to fill out relevant information
concerning your system when requesting technical support.
Please mail or fax to the nearest ASUS technical support.

Address: 150 Li-Te Road, Peitou, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Fax: (886-2) 2895-9254
BBS: (886-2) 2896-4667

Address: 6737 Mowry Ave., Mowry Business Center,
Building 2,Newark, CA 94560, USA
Fax: 1-510-608-4555
BBS: 1-510-739-3774

Address: Harkort Str. 25, 40880 Ratingen, BRD, Germany
Fax: 49-2102-442066
BBS: 49-2102-448690



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