Apple Power Macintosh PowerMac 8100/80AV 80MHz PowerPC 601 ?MB RAM NO HDD PARTS


LOOK AT THE PICTURES AND READ THE DESCRIPTION! No Hard Drive and we couldn’t get it to boot – just floppy disk icon with a flashing question mark. When powered on, the CD-ROM just whirrs and whirrs and will not open. We tried booting from floppy, and it just kept spitting out the disk. This old Mac has VERY BRITTLE PLASTIC and despite being properly packaged, may arrive with more broken plastic – please factor this into your decision BEFORE you purchase this old Mac. The best way to be sure it’s not damaged in shipment is for you to schedule an appointment and stop by to pick it up yourself! Missing the CD-ROM faceplate – very brittle plastic, some plastic pieces broken, some scratches, scrapes, needs BIOS battery, etc . Other defects?

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Please read the item description in its entirety and examine ALL OF the pictures BEFORE you make your decision to purchase this item.

Up for sale is an old Apple Power Macintosh 8100/80av from 1994. We were unable to get this old desktop Mac to boot – when powered on, the CD-ROM drive just whirrs and whirrs and will not open and when we try to boot from a floppy, the drive just spits out the disk soon after it is inserted. We were not able to get any video output on the video card installed into one of the expansion slots, but were able to get an image from the onboard video – a floppy disk icon with a flashing question mark and one time we got the frowning Macintosh computer with the hexadecimal codes pictured. If this is anything like the other old Macs we’ve recently sold, it likely needs a BIOS battery. The plastic on the case is in very brittle condition. Some little bits of broken plastic came out when the case was removed to photograph the computer – so, it will either have to be replaced, possibly glued, or maybe someone can 3D print a new one? It is missing the CD-ROM faceplate. Anyway, it turns 30 years old this year and the plastic is brittle. The broken plastic bits are included with the computer. You only get the desktop PC and the broken plastic pieces – you will need to provide your own ADB keyboard and mouse, power cable, as well as a monitor. Apple’s support site says it will run all the way up to OS 9. This one was interesting in that it had a bunch of signatures molded into the plastic above the expansion slots – see picture! Perhaps these were the team that designed the computer? This also comes with the 3 RAM sticks pictures – they were discovered wrapped in a piece of bubble wrap and stuck inside of the case when we opened it to photograph it – so they’re included.

So, to recap:

  • Apple Power Macintosh 8100/80av
  • Model M1688
  • Manufactured 9/9/94
  • SN: XB4360441H0
  • ?MB RAM
  • AppleCD 300 Plus SCSI CD-ROM – constantly whirrs and whirrs when the computer is powered on.
  • The floppy drive immediately spit out any boot disks we tried to boot off of and may not work.
  • The plastic on the case is pushing 30 years old and is quite brittle and yellowed.
  • There are several bits of broken plastic – included with the computer.
  • NO Hard DRIVE or CADDY!
  • NO Power Cable – You will need to provide your own.
  • NO Keyboard or Mouse – you will need to provide your own ADB keyboard & mouse
  • Date / Time are likely incorrect – it most likely needs a BIOS battery.
  • The case has scuffs / scratches / yellowing / other cosmetic defects – LOOK AT THE PICTURES!
  • Other defects / problems not obvious??
  • Assembled in USA in 1994

    You are purchasing an old Mac that is almost 30 years old on the internet! This is sold AS-IS for a collectible only!

    Because this is a bit fragile and heavy, $30 has been added to cover hiring the local UPS store to professionally pack this item for shipment to you. You’re welcome to save on the shipping by making an appointment and stopping by to pick it up, or we make regular trips to Manassas, VA and Williamsburg, VA (2-3 times per month) and can bring it along for you to pick up there.

    A note on the brittle plastic: Even though we hired the local UPS store to properly package it, one of the last three of these we sold arrived with lots of broken plastic. Please keep in mind that if you do not pick this up locally, then you run the risk of it arriving with more broken plastic DESPITE being PROPERLY PACKAGED!

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