1983 Ford Ranger XL 4×4 Compact Pickup Truck – Red / White, 4 Speed, 2.8L V6


New fuel tank, new brake parts, new tires. It will need some TLC to get back on the road, though.

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Up for sale is a 1983 Ford Ranger XL Compact Pickup Truck:

The Good:

  • VIN: 1FTCR11s7dub77944
  • 2.8L V-6 w/ 2BBL Carburetor  
  • 4 Wheel Drive w/ 4 Speed Manual Transmission
  • 4 New Tires – 15″
  • New Fuel Tank
  • Carburetor rebuild kit was installed.
  • Several new brake parts: Calipers, shoes, pads, et cetera.
  • A LOT cheaper than a new Ranger. . . 
  • It is a cute little 4×4 pickup.

We purchased this vehicle in 2013 with the good intention of putting it back on the road and we made some significant progress with it:  We replaced the fuel tank, put lots of new brake parts on it, 4 new tires, and rebuilt the carburetor.  However, life and other obligations made the Ranger take the back burner and now we are losing our parking space for it and need to find it a new home.  We can load it on the trailer and deliver it within 100 miles of Waynesboro, VA for $1.25 / mile if you like, or you can bring your trailer or rollback and pick up the pickup.

The Bad:

  • The truck will not run currently – it did run when we installed the new fuel tank.  This fall, we put new fuel in the tank which registered on the fuel gauge, but it would not fire on it.  The engine would turn over and run on starter fluid sprayed into the carburetor.  So, we took the fuel line loose at the carburetor and there was no evidence of fuel getting to the carburetor.  So, we suspect either collapsed fuel hose, or defective fuel pump.  The pump is a mechanical pump located on the side of the engine and is about $25 at Advanced O’Reilly Auto Zone Parts.
  • There is a hole in the floorboard of the cab – but we purchased a new piece of floorboard (in pictures) to repair this and it comes with the truck – just sheet metal screw it in, or maybe pop rivets.
  • It needs a new brake line run – the current line has been spliced temporarily, but a permanent fix of running and installing a new brake line will need to be done.
  • The rear bumper is off of the truck, but is included – it is bent where the trailer hitch was overloaded by a previous owner.
  • Other defects not obvious? This truck does turn 36 on its birthday in February.

The Ugly:

  • The seat is worn, but we have a new cover for it which is included with the truck – see pictures.
  • There is some rust in the cab and bed – see pictures.
  • It’s a bit dirty.
  • There is a discrepancy between the odometer reading on the title and the odometer reading on the odometer – the title says 135K and the odometer reads 11K – the previous owner said it was just put down on the paperwork to re-title it incorrectly and the correct mileage is 111,000.

Please examine the pictures carefully and ask questions before you make your decision to purchase this vehicle.

This truck does not run and will need to be towed!

Additional information

Weight 3400 lbs
Dimensions 140 × 70 × 65 in


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