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Daily News – New York July 18, 1969 – Different Versions

In our version for sale, available here. There is a picture of Michael Collins from a television broadcast from Apollo 11 on the front with the headline: “ASTROS CARRY SOVIET MEDALS” “They Put on TV Show for Us”

Another version, found on a completed item search on ebay, showed a picture of some folks cooling off in the water with the headline: “APOLLO AND LUNA IN MOON DUEL” “Astros Toting Two Red Medals” – no picture of Michael Collins:

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Daily News – Different Versions – 22 July 1969

Happy almost 50th anniversary of the first manned moon landing!

In doing some research on pricing of the New York Daily News from 22 July 1969 which features a story about the docking of the Eagle landing craft with the command module after Buzz Aldrin and Neal Armstrong’s successful moon walk, it appears that there are at least three different versions of the front page:

The version we have for sale: 22 July 1969, has the picture of the moon with the graphics of the docking procedure as well as the headline: “THEY DOCK!”, “It’s Wild But Safe Linkup”:

The next version, found for sale on Ebay, has the same picture and top headline, but the text on the side is changed to: “Buzz Says It: Beautiful, Very Quiet Ride!”: Most of the copies of this newspaper available on Ebay at this time (15 July 2019) are of this variety.

A third version, also found on Ebay, has a much different picture, an artist’s conception of Apollo 11, and a different headline: “THEY DOCK FOR RETURN” The bottom headline also is changed a little to: “Ted to Fight Charge in Crash”